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5 Things You HAVE TO KNOW Before Hiring a Roofer
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What Your New Warranty Means to You

Will My Roof Really Last Forever?

No roof will last forever and depending on the roofing material we select together, the amount of time will vary. How well it is taken care of can have a major impact as well. Roofs should be inspected regularly, repaired as needed, and kept clean and free of debris. Roofs may also be damaged by inclement weather such as hail storms, tornadoes, hurricanes and heavy winds.

Asphalt composition roofs deteriorate through a breakdown in the bitumen (aka tar) due to UV and heat exposure. Over time the shingles will become brittle and crack and lose the colored granule layer. Loss of this layer accelerates the deterioration. Weather conditions and maintenance will alter the overall life but you can expect an asphalt composition roof to remain water tight for 15 to 30 years depending on various conditions.

Red cedar shake shingles deteriorate through the breakdown in the shingle coming from fungus that eats the wood as it grows. The fungus requires a continually moist environment to thrive so maintenance is key. A red cedar shake roof can last from 40 to 50 years or longer if properly maintained.

What Warranty Do Roofs Have and What do they Mean?

Warranties may apply to the entire roof system and they may guarantee performance of the roof system, or they may apply to only replacing defective shingles, paying pro-rated market value on the shingles rather than replacement value, and may or may not apply to labor. In all cases the warranty will apply only to shingles that are installed per the manufacturer's recommendations and only if you can prove your shingles came from that manufacturer.

We are certified installers of GAF, CertainTeed, and CSSB shingles and as such we have special privileges when it comes to warranties. We are here to work with you to get the best fit warranty for your situation.

Here are the current warranties on these popular shingles:

ManufacturerProduct TypeProductDefect Pro-rated
Defect Replacement
Workmanship Warranty
GAFAsphalt CompMarquis WeatherMax20 yrs30 yrs20 yrs
GAFAsphalt CompRoyal Sovereign20 yrs25 yrs20 yrs
GAFAsphalt CompTimberlineLifetime*Lifetime*25 yrs
GAFAsphalt CompUltra-Premium DesignerLifetime*Lifetime*25 yrs
GAFAsphalt CompValue Collection DesignerLifetime*Lifetime*25 yrs
CertainTeedAsphalt CompSymphonyLifetime*20 yrs20 yrs
CertainTeedAsphalt CompGrandManorLifetime*20 yrs20 yrs
CertainTeedAsphalt CompCarriage HouseLifetime*20 yrs20 yrs
CertainTeedAsphalt CompPresidential Shake TLLifetime*20 yrs20 yrs
CertainTeedAsphalt CompLandmark Shake TLLifetime*20 yrs20 yrs
CertainTeedAsphalt CompPresidential SolarisLifetime*20 yrs20 yrs
CertainTeedAsphalt CompPresidential Shake IRLifetime*20 yrs20 yrs
CertainTeedAsphalt CompPresidential ShakeLifetime*20 yrs20 yrs
CertainTeedAsphalt CompLandmark PROLifetime*20 yrs20 yrs
CertainTeedAsphalt CompLandmark PremiumLifetime*20 yrs20 yrs
CertainTeedAsphalt CompLandmark Solaris PLATINUMLifetime*20 yrs20 yrs
CertainTeedAsphalt CompLandmark Solaris GOLdLifetime*20 yrs20 yrs
CertainTeedAsphalt CompLandmark IRLifetime*20 yrs20 yrs
CertainTeedAsphalt CompHighland SlateLifetime*20 yrs20 yrs
CertainTeedAsphalt CompLandmarkLifetime*20 yrs20 yrs
CertainTeedAsphalt CompXT 3030 yrs20 yrs20 yrs
CertainTeedAsphalt CompCT 2020 yrs20 yrs20 yrs
CSSB CertifiedRed Cedar ShakeCerti-SplitLifetimeLifetime20 yrs
CSSB CertifiedRed Cedar ShakeCerti-SawnLifetimeLifetime20 yrs
CSSB CertifiedRed Cedar ShingleCertigradeLifetimeLifetime20 yrs
CSSB CertifiedRed Cedar ShakeCerti-LastLifetimeLifetime20 yrs

What does a Defect Warranty cover?

It is important for the consumer to understand that a defect warranty does NOT protect against roof system failure or even shingle failure UNLESS it was caused by a defect in the shingle. A failure of this type is very rare and usually occurs within the first couple of years after installation. Failure due to aging, weather, wind, improper installation, or wear due to people walking on the roof is NOT covered.

We at Elite Roofing think that your best insurance for having a quality roof over a long period of time is to have your roof installed by a good craftsman. This is much more important than number of years of defect warranty you receive.

Because wood shakes and shingles are a natural material they are not prone to defects in manufacturing the same way that manufactured shingles are. At most, wood shakes can be mis-represented in terms of material species (western red cedar) or harvesting location (heartwood vs sapwood). That is why Elite Roofing relies on CSSB certified and inspected shakes and shingles and why it is easy for suppliers to offer a lifetime warranty.

Tip: Do not confuse defect warranty with how long the roof will last. These are two completely separate measurements and most people do not understand that.

What is a Workmanship Warranty?

A workmanship warranty is a warranty the covers how well the roof was installed. If your roof fails due to improper installation during the warranty period, the roofer will correct the problem. Most failures will occur within the first couple of years of installation, but not all. It is important to choose a roofer with a good business history. If your roofer goes out of business, your warranty is useless. Elite Roofing has been in business for over 14 years and is growing larger and stronger every year. We offer a twenty year workmanship warranty for any roofing job. Remember that any warranty will be subject to proper treatment of the roof. After install if you plan to have anyone do work on your roof ( such as adding skylights, cleaning the roof, installing a dish antenna) call Elite to make sure you are not voiding your warranty. We are glad to help.

Is any Water Damage to my House Covered?

Structural or cosmetic damage to your home due to roofing system failure is typically not covered under the warranties offered. Because Elite Roofing is also a general contractor licensed for structural, drywall, framing, mill work and painting we are pleased to offer structural damage coverage up to $1,000 during the first two years of the workmanship warranty.

What Happens if I Sell the House?

Most homeowners want to know they can use their warranty as a selling advantage for their home. Elite Roofing is proud to offer a 20 year workmanship warranty that is completely transferable. Manufacturers defect warranties are almost all transferable to a second homeowner but may have significant restrictions. Elite can help you navigate these warranties to maximize your return.