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CertainTeed™ Composite Roofs Installed by Elite Roofing SELECT ShingleMaster™ Installers

When it comes to composite roofing, Elite Roofing prefers CertainTeed Composite Roofing products. That is because Elite Roofing is CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster™ Certified. Our installers have been trained on how to install their product right. A majority are Master Select Applicator certified and we retain a CertainTeed Shingle Quality Specialist on site. You are assured of quality shingles installed professionally.

A Full Range of Shingles To Meet Your Budget and Taste

CertainTeed sells a complete line of composition shingle products all the way from budget minded solutions to truly elegant designer shingles. They have it all, and in a variety of beautiful colors as well. Whatever your desires and budget, CertainTeed has a solution to meet your roofing needs.

Traditional Shingles

The lowest cost shingles are 3-tab shingles. This style of shingle has been in existence since the dawn of composition roofing products. They are grest for budget minded consumers and come in many colors.

Patriot (click here)

pat-graystonesmall pat-shadowblacksmall pat-weatheredwoodsmall

Landmark (click here)

A great shingle in a wide variety of colors.

lm-weatheredwoodpeachsmall lm-silverbirchsmall lm-resawnshakepeachsmall lm-moireblackpeachsmall lm-huntergreenavsmall lm-heatherblendpeachsmall lmgranitegraysmall lm-georgetowngraypeachsmall lm-cinderblacksmall lm-burntsiennapeachsmall lm-blackwalnutsmall

Premium Designer

Landmark PRO (click here)

Outperforms ordinary shingles. Our MaxDef colors provide rich, vibrant colors.

lmtlmaxdefblackwalnutsmall lmprsilverbirchsmall lmpr-maxdefweatheredwoodsmall lmpr-maxdefresawnshakesmall lmpr-maxdefmoireblacksmall lmpr-maxdefhuntergreensmall lmpr-maxdefheatherblendsmall lmpr-maxdefgranitegraysmall lmpr-maxdefgeorgetowngraypeachsmall lmpr-maxdefburntsiennaposmall lm-cinderblacksmall

Landmark Premium (click here)

lmpr-maxdefweatheredwoodsmall lmpr-maxdefresawnshakesmall lmpr-maxdefmoireblacksmall lmpr-maxdefheatherblendsmall lmpr-maxdefburntsiennapeachsmall

NorthGate (click here)

Exceptional resistance to cold weather cracking and shrinkage.

ng-maxdefburntsiennasmall ng-maxdefgranitegraysmall ng-maxdefheatherblendsmall ng-maxdefmoireblacksmall ng-maxdefresawnshakesmall ng-maxdefweatheredwoodsmall

GrandManor (click here)

Elegant style with deep shadow lines designed for steep roofs.

gmweatheredwoodsmall gm-tudorbrownsmall gmterracottasmall gm-stonegategraysmall gm-sherwoodforestsmall gm-georgetownbricksmall gm-gatehouseslatesmall gm-colonialslatesmall gm-brownstonesmall gm-blackpearlsmall

Carriage House (click here)

Super heavy weight shingles with scalloped edges providing the appearance of hand crafting.

ch-victorianbluesmall ch-stonegategraysmall ch-sherwoodforestsmall ch-georgianbricksmall ch-gatehouseslatesmall ch-colonialslatesmall ch-brownstonesmall ch-blackpearlsmall

Presidential Shake and Presidential TL (click here)

Detailed and intricate design work to create a unique sculpted design with the appearance of shake.

Presidential TL offers the look of cedar shakes with 3 layer thickness.

ptl-agedbarksmall ptl-autumnblendsmall ptl-charcoalblacksmall ptl-countrygraysmall ptl-platinumsmall ptl-shadowgraysmall ptl-spanishtilesmall

Landmark TL (click here)

The look of hand split cedar

lmtl-shenandoahfresmall lmtl-platinumsmall lmtl-oldovertonfresmall lmtl-mountaintimbersmall lmtl-moireblackfresmall lmtlmaxdefblackwalnutsmall lmtl-countrygraysmall lmtl-chestnutsmall lmtl-agedbarksmall