Elite Roofing & Remodel Reviews

On Time, Clean, Dependable

I worked with Elite Roofing and Remodel for the first time recently. We were building a custom new home and they put on the roof. It turned out awesome. They were on time. They were clean. They were dependable. The price was very fair. Nothing but good things to say.

Written by: Julia S
Roof Installation
Date published: 08/07/2017
5 stars / 5 stars

The Staff was Professional and Friendly

Elite Roofing & Remodel did a re-roofing job for my home and it turned out great and as desired. The staff was professional and friendly and did the job that they were hired to do. There was a bit of debate when it came to the pricing because they’re not the cheapest, but I was happy to get the work done and I would recommend them to future customers who need this work done. They delivered nice quality so I think I would use them again for a similar job in the future.

Written by: David G
Roof Installation
Date published: 08/21/2017
5 stars / 5 stars

It was a positive experience

Elite Roofing & Remodel put a new roof on our house and it’s great. There are no leaks, which is a critical feature to me. And it looks beautiful. Appearance is very important to me as well.

Written by: Martin H
Roof Installation
Date published: 03/11/2015
5 stars / 5 star

Extremely Happy

Extremely happy Elite Roofing & Remodel replaced my roof with a composite and they noticed that the outdoor structure I had put on last year was put on incorrectly. My builders are coming out to fix it. They are very clean, picked up after themselves, and were very friendly when I was speaking with them.

Written by: Diane G
Roof Installation
Date published: 04/16/2014
5 stars / 5 stars

They were fantastic!

We had Elite Roofing & Remodel replace our roof. When we bought the house, we found that there was a roof issue so we needed it fixed yesterday. Elite gave us their bid, which was under everybody else, and in two days time, they were done. It was just in time to close the sale. They were prompt, cleaned up, picked up everything, and answered all our questions.

Written by: Todd and Kay M,
Roof installation
Date published: 05/01/2014
5 stars / 5 stars

Did recommend to neighbors! On-time, professional, clean!

Did recommend to neighbors! On-time, professional, clean! These folks came in exactly when they said, the crew was professional, friendly and on-time. They cleaned up every day. Finished on-time! Recommended to neighbors and they are roofing their home now.

Written by: Jerry
Date published: 07/07/2014
5 stars / 5 stars