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Climate Adaptive Roofing

Can the way that your roof handles weather affect your home? What kinds of weather are native to your geographic region? What should you look for in roofing materials? Why is this important?

Best Cold Weather Roofs

Weather Adaptive Roofing Systems and Materials

In climates that are cold or warm, but still sunny, solar shingles may be a good option. CertainTeed has a number of shingles that score on the Solar Reflectance Scale as well as the Apollo II shingles that are actually solar panel roofing shingles that are available in some states.

In warm climates you can use a light colored metal material, such as Nu-Ray, slate, lighter colored tile, or the environmentally friendly “green” roofs.

In cold weather there are a number of options as well. The most cost effective method is typically asphalt composition roofing. Metal Roofing can be a good option- although considerably more expensive- in areas that have heavy snowfall. The slippery surface of the metal roof causes the snow to slide right off. ( Make sure your gutters have a sturdy hanging system to withstand the weight of the snowfall coming off the roof) Tile roofs are good insulators as well and help keep the heat in and the cold out.

A proper choice in roofing material for your home and geography can save you a lot of money in heating and cooling costs and potentially a lot of money in costs for roofing materials. Heat and extreme weather fluctuations can be a key reason why roofing materials degrade and fail. In ideal conditions many roofs can outlast life expectations.