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Fall Weather Hazards for your Home in Western Washington

Fall is Roof Leak Season In Seattle

Here is in Seattle we have a large variety of nice trees, especially evergreens. With a name like evergreen, you would think that falling leaves is not a problem but evergreens tree needles and debris are one of the worst contributors to build up problems on roofs.

Evergreens trees drop needles continuously in the fall. The last few years have been one of the worst for tree needle drop because the amount they drop is related to how dry the summer season has been; the drier, the more needles. This can lead to clogged gutters and downspouts. Exponentially shortening the length of your roofs life.

Evergreen needles are rarely blown off the roof but rather build in valleys and under tree overhangs. Water build up behind the needles can cause roof leaks. Even if you do not see a roof leak, the water will flow under the shingles and onto the roof deck. Over time this will delaminate the plywood roof deck creating soft spots and eventually failure. For proper roof care make certain your roof is clear of debris build up. Give Elite a call to get a roof cleaning estimate set up. We offer a variety of roof cleaning methods.