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How Can Seattle Area Storms Effect your Home

Seattle Windstorm Removes Roofs

With all the recent windstorms in and around Seattle and Bellevue we have seen a big rise in the number of calls from people who have missing shingles from their roof. Surprisingly a number of these calls come from people who have roofs that are only 6, 7 or 8 years old. Most homeowners do not seem surprised that shingles have blown off.

According to the Seattle Department of Emergency Management, structural damage is the costliest consequence of windstorms. Much of the damage comes from falling trees. Damage can occur at wind speeds as low as 32 mph and destroy wood frame structures at speeds around 100 mph.

Most homeowners don't seem to know that shingles should not blow off

Most of the shingles we install these days are CertainTeed Presidential TL which are warrantied at 110mph for 15 years. So why do shingles blow off roofs? Because, shingles are not always installed properly. Many Bellevue roofing companies and others on the East Side pay their workers by the shingle installed, leading to fast and inaccurate installation. Three factors make all the difference in having shingles stay in place. The shingles must be nailed within the nail zone. This assures the nails are hidden and they pierce both the shingle being nailed and the shingle underneath that one. Nails must be inserted vertically and not at an angle. Nails must be installed with the nail head flush with the shingle surface. Violate these rules and your shingle will fail in high winds.

It might be 10 years before you find out your roofer was not quality

Unfortunately getting customer references from neighbors that had a roof put on last summer is just not of much value. Before you hire a roofer for a new roof, dig a little deeper.