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Verifying a Contractor part 1

Now that you know which roofing contractors are running their business operations properly and to Seattle code, it is time to determine which ones do a good job. Reviews are a great source of information for this but you have to be careful. Many Seattle roofing contractors solicit reviews from their happy customers only and others may create fake reviews. Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure not all reviews have 5 stars. There are customers out there that will never give someone a 5 star no matter how good the roofer is. There should be some 4 star reviews in there somewhere.
  • Make sure there are some low score reviews. Nobody is perfect, not even roofers, and some people are never happy. There should be at least one or two unhappy people out there. Read what they say because their information is often useful. See if what they complain about: is something you can live with? Ask your roofing contractor about the review and see what they have to say. Bad reviews give you needed insights.
  • See if you can find some reviews from people around Seattle who had the work done 5 or more years ago! If a roof is going to fail prematurely, it will probably happen within a couple years. If the review is from someone who just got their roof replaced, they haven't had a chance to experience the level of quality that went into it. Heck, there probably hasn't been a proper rain storm to test its weather protection capabilities yet.
  • Specifically check the BBB. They have reviews but just as important they facilitate customer – contractor dispute resolution. Look here and you get to see how responsive a roofing contractor was to someone who complained.
  • Finally, leave a review. You know how helpful it is to you. Pay it forward and let others know the good, the bad, and the ugly. Even small details can be useful and show common themes.
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